Cordyceps and Snow Fungus

Inspiring Mushroom Combinations

Sharing my favourite mushroom combinations and the reasons why they help us to be our most abundantly healthy and happy selves!

Happy Healthy Cells = Happy Humans 



Detox and Hydrate your Body


Helping the body detox from harmful toxins, acids and metals, boosting athletic performance and supporting DNA to cell communication.


Cordyceps helps the body to detox from toxins, acids and metals that may have accumulated in time creating fatigue and potentially leading to inflammation stored in the body.
The detox process through our lymphatic system and clearing our body from harmful chemicals, boosting stamina and performance.
Cordyceps also supports cellular communications...
DNA is our blueprint of what it is that makes us, us, RNA is the transporter of this information to our cells, we call this signal/message MNRA.

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things, they are the structure of our body and are responsible for our physical being.

  • DNA - It is our genetic coding, the blueprint of life.
  • RNA - The messenger (signal carrier) to our cells.                               
  • CELL - They are what makes us, us.


Cordyceps supports the DNA, RNA, and MRNA process to ensure that the information our DNA provides reaches our cells uncontaminated.
This is process is vital for maintaining organic, healthy cell responses and actions in our body.


Hydrating our body on a cellular level, supporting youthful skin, cartilage, facia, soft tissues and stimulating DNA synthesis.


Snow Fungus mushroom holds 1,000 time it's weight in water, bringing the vitality and elasticity back to our body both internally and externally, famous in the beauty industry for promoting youthful, glowing skin.
More than skin deep, this mushroom hydrates us on a cellular level which supports our soft tissues, organs, muscles, vascular system and our brain.

Snow Fungus is extremely nourishing, reducing inflammation and heat within the body, helping us to heal from the inside out with over 18 amino acids and has antioxidants in abundance.