Ritual Tea - Calm and Restore
Ritual Tea - Calm and Restore
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Ritual Tea - Calm and Restore

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Calm & Restore Tea
Organic Loose Leaf Blend to relieve tension, de-stress body and mind, bringing you into a place of calm.


A gentle blend of organic hemp and chamomile to de-stress the mind, body and soul,
Let the tension dissolve and the plants nourish your being, restoring your inner calm and bringing the feel-good, grounded vibes.

An organic blend of chamomile and hemp to help you let go of tension, anxiety and stress, restoring your being to a place of calm.
Loved for centuries for being one of nature's most medicinal plants, her sweet, distinctive aromas and taste are not the only reason we love this plant so much, this herbal infusion will bring all the calming, feel-good vibes.

Take a moment for You, be present and put on a brew.
Inhale - Hold - Exhale - Take a Sip

This blend of Mother Nature’s healing and calming plants will relieve feelings of anxiety, stress and tension, we all deserve a moment to give ourselves some unconditional love.

To list a few more ...

Calming, soothing
Mood support
Immune support
Digestive support
Skin, hair, nails


Chamomile has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety, settle stomachs, reducing tension, inflammation and pain.
People in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt used dried chamomile flowers as medicinal herb elixirs to support all-round health and well-being.


Relax, put your feet up and release all those beautiful flavours and aromas, the perfect daily cuppa full of goodness.
Create a ritual and moment for you to let the plants nourish and work their magic.

1 Tea spoon of your blend,
Let your brew steep for 5-7 mins.
You can add your other favourite plants and herbs to the blend, choose beautiful, soothing and relaxing herbs to compliment your hemp tea.

Tea Tip - Refill your mug, plants love to keep giving!