Reishi and Lion's Mane

Inspiring Mushroom Combinations

Sharing my favourite mushroom combinations and the reasons why they help us to be our most abundantly healthy and happy selves!

Happy Healthy Cells = Happy Humans 


Calm Body and Focused Mind


Bringing calm, balance and reducing auto reactive responses and dissolving unwanted stress stored in the body.


The Mushroom of Immortality,
Used for centuries for her powerful healing and supporting properties, Reishi is a well known and respected medicine by all.
Popular today all around the world and favoured by modern medicine practitioners as the "Go To" mushroom for bringing balance and calm back into the body.

Relieving patients from an anxious and reactive state of physical being by dissolving and reducing the stress stored within the body, bringing us back into our emotional centre.
A great mushroom for supporting mood related discomfort such as anxiety and depression, bringing a sense of inner calm and helping to create more restful and healing sleep patterns.
We speak of this mushroom bringing us back into our heart centre and stillness but this is also true, Reishi is the "Heart Health Mushroom" supporting healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels and giving our heart cells nutrition and the energy they need to sustain life's rhythm.


Healing our nervous system and protecting, boosting our brain cells, optimising brain function and longevity.


Lion's Mane contains one very important and rare compound that is a great benefit to our brain health, function and long-term mental wellness...

This impressive and intelligent mushroom significantly increases the production of myelin basic protein (MBP), the key ingredient to insulating and protecting our nerve fibres, keeping our brain health optimal and encouraging new brain cell production, dramatically decreasing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. This mushroom has also be proven to reverse the effects of existing damage, repairing tissues and nerve fibres.

Known as the "brain food mushroom", Lion's Mane is an essential life addition for boosting our long-term brain function by protecting and slowing the damage caused by symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's and dementia.

This mushroom also brings our nervous system back into a parasympathetic state, this is our optimal state of being allowing focus, creativity and productive days.