My Story

I'm Daisy,

Daisy Wild Wisdom is my wild remedies store and a supported space to begin your journey to your most authentic self...

Wild Wisdom has evolved through life stories combined, not just my own, but also of others who have supported my dream of creating a space to share the wisdom of these sacred and valuable medicines.
The starting point is about relationship and the commitment to own being, taking the first steps towards natural wellness and feeling supported throughout that journey, I appreciate how scary it is to make that first step, I avoided it for many years! 

It is a journey of healing and becoming the best version of yourself, a process that doesn’t happen overnight, this is where feeling supported is essential, we tend to lose faith if we aren’t seeing big results immediately!
I had to learn to have a little patience and have gratitude for the smallest wins, bringing my focus inwards rather than always setting my sights on the world around me.
You are your success story, not the outward layers we create to feel successful, that unfortunately can be undervalued in our busy, modern world. 

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to guide and support others as they begin their journey back to themselves, restoring health and balance in their daily lives.
Offering you a safe and held space to explore the relationship between psychedelic medicines and their potential for healing, integration and creating a deeper connection with ourselves.
My vision is to continue creating a place of healing and building community, love and a greater sense of well-being with the intelligence and wisdom of mushroom and plants medicines.

Sharing my passion for all things wild!
Medicines, natural remedies, foraging tips, recipes and nourishing practices that you can add to daily life to bring love, grounding and balance.
You are the medicine, change begins here…


My journey reflection and discovery began...

Through my years and this journey of rediscovery, I came to realise the unsettling truth behind modern medicines and the destructive impact they create in our bodies and lives, the products on our supermarket shelves we call food and the chemicals we expose ourselves to unknowingly on a daily basis.

I am one of those individuals who goes about life learning the hard way and this journey was no different, diagnosed with ADHD and medicated heavily, I was living a chemically dependent existence.

My body took the toll of those years and my brain health deteriorated greatly, I suffered a decade of chronic digestive issues, hospital visits, cycles of illness and invasive testing.
I was passed from specialist to expert, finally believing private treatment may be the answer, still with no insight or understanding of what might be going on inside my body, one condition added to another and I was simply told I had Cancer, Celiac or Crohn's disease.

The change happened!

Having lost faith in "modern medical industry" I decide to take my life back into my own hands and my journey to wild wellbeing began,

I detoxed from chemical drugs and medications immediately, no more prescriptions, no more ADHD brain damaging pills.

That in itself was a horrendous journey of detox, my body was completely dependent of the artificial drug induced highs and lows.
Once they were finally out of my system I began to look at alternatives, there are safer and more effective ways to manage our brain health.
I also eliminated any form of contraceptive and hormone replacing medications, they too play havoc with our body and minds!

Yes Ladies!

That is absolutely the place to start, get that s*"t out of your body, there are better, safer and more effective ways to track your cycle. 

 Food and Nourishment

Nutrition is everything - note to self, I'm still working on it, it is an ongoing commitment to nourishing myself, building a relationship with food and undoing harmful patterns of restriction and self-punishing routines.

Here’s what I came to realise – There is no place for convenience junk, sauces or packets of anything, it's about eating real food and giving yourself the time and space to nourish your body and mind.
Make space for you in the day and spend time in your kitchen, get creative and bring it back to basics, that was something I never did and it became my mantra that I didn’t have the time to eat and create good food.
Break that pattern and really try to create some time, even if it’s only a little, you can do a lot with an hour in the kitchen.


“Food is thy medicine”


Medicine vs Drugs

This is a tough one, we are live in a world where drugs are called medicines and medicines are demonised as drugs, undoing that conditioning and recognising the difference between what is a medicine and a drug is essential to your wellness journey, it is about letting go the of conditioned fear we have for natural medicines and opening our minds to something new.

We are innately natural beings of this Earth, complex individuals with receptors all over our bodies with an extraordinary and intricate nervous system that is communicating with us, itself and our environment from the beginning to the end of our time here.
We need medicines with multiple compounds that create balance in body, that find and focus on the source of discomfort with the intention to heal, rather than supress. Not singular, synthetic compound drugs that isolate and numb and supress symptoms, this is a dangerous and unconscious cycle to be caught in.
Living in this cycle, ignoring what our body is telling us will only lead us down the path towards chronic illness and dis-ease, it is a destructive path and unfortunately it is prevalent in today’s population.
There is indeed a place in this world for modern pharmaceutical medicines, they are powerful drugs and can do amazing things in the correct context...

I believe quite simply –
 Pharmaceutical drugs are for saving lives, rather maintaining them.

Creating a relationship and reconnecting with ourselves is essential, it begins here, building that relationship with support and guidance, getting to know who we are and what's going on under our skin.
This is the path to restoring wellness and preventing long term chronic discomfort and dis-ease.

"Symptoms are our body telling us something about

Having found a more primal and natural perspective on healing, everything began to make sense and I was joining the dots, seeing the connections between the choices I had made to where I was today, there was no turning back for me.
I dived into studying the psychological effects of trauma on our real time physical, emotional and mental state of being.
Gaining a much deeper understanding of nutrition, soil science and the impact of commercial farming and food production on our health and our planet, seeing how the cycle of destructive and unconscious practices we accept as “normal” are so damaging to us and our planet.
There is no harmony and balance.

My greatest discovery was the profound positives that plant and mushroom remedies have bought to my life, restoring both my physical, spiritual and mental well-being, they changed the way I look at myself and the world around me, giving me a deep understanding of our place here and the value of everyone and everything that also is a part of our collective existence.

I am eternally grateful for my path and for the ongoing journey I am committed to, for my wellbeing and for others.
Being able to offer guidance and support to others so that they too can reconnect with their most authentic self and restore love, balance and most importantly, return to a healthy and happy being.

Introducing you to the intelligence and innate wisdom of wild, natural medicines changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined, they brought me back to me, I am here to support you on your journey of reconnection.

Together we Thrive 

I have gone back to my roots!
I am thriving,
Thank you Plant and Mushroom Wisdom