Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Mama Cacao

Drink Cacao to say thank you for what I have,
Drink Cacao to say thank you for what I am,
Drink Cacao to say thank you for everything I know,
Mama Cacao del Amor.

This medicine is the gateway to open our hearts, bringing us back to our natural state of,


Cacao helps us to understand our own truth and to remember the language of the Heart.

Used and loved for ceremony and ritual since 3,200BC by the Ecuadorian tribes and peoples, now enjoyed by people all around the world, cacao serves as a tool for connecting us to the energetic space of our hearts, as well as to people around you.
Drinking cacao helps us connect to our inner self, assisting in deeper healing and receiving clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuition and personal growth.
Indigenous cacao keepers say that every plant has a spirit.
Before our modern ways of existing and living took over we lived in harmony with our natural world, we respected the wisdom of plants and what they could teach us.
Plant medicines such as cacao help us to reconnect with this primal wisdom, bringing us back into harmony with ourselves, each other and Earth.
( per individual )

The deeper your journey becomes and more familiar your body becomes with Cacao medicine you may find you need a lower dose as your heart is open to receive and your body already in conversation with Mama Cacao.
It is important to listen to your body and be mindful of what you are needing in this moment.

Ceremonial Cacao - 35 - 42g, ORGANIC directly sourced,
Water/Plant Milk - 250ml, I like to do half and half, to be awkward!
Cayenne Pepper -
A pinch of,
Cinnamon -
A good sprinkle,
Vanilla Extract
Maple Syrup -
Add to taste, cacao can be a
little bitter.

A lighter dose for your daily medicine ritual may look like,
20 - 25g Ceremonial Cacao

Optional Extras to try 
To make it deliciously personal, why not something extra to give your elixir some LOVE!

Organic orange essential oil,
Rose water,
Mushroom Extracts


  • Measure/Weigh your cacao,
  • Add your beautiful cacao to the pre heated water in the saucepan, the water is not boiling, it is simmering hot,

  • Remember - Do not boil / over heat your cacao medicine, take your time and heat slowly, stir gently,

  • Adding in your personal ingredients for flavour and depth.


Play some beautiful music, sing and send all those healing vibrations into your beautiful chocolate medicine, we love playing a bit of GAYATRI MANTRA or sing prayers to Mama Cacao, thanking her for her beautiful medicine.
Here to heal us and open our hearts.

Have a little taste to determine how much sweetness you want to add, it's personal.
When your ceremonial cacao is ready it will be slightly frothy on top and smell delicious!


Set your intentions, open your heart and let all the healing energy of cacao do her magic.