I am Healing

Guidance and Support as you begin your
healing journey

Offering one to one and small group medicine ceremonies, deepening the medicine path and relationship with self.
Held with Love in a safe and private space.
Monthly Cacao ceremony, sharing circles with the Dark Moon.

I appreciate that taking the first step and making a commitment towards your healing path is daunting and confusing, there is so much information out there suggesting different medicines, therapies and practices.
But, more often than not all this generalised information and can potentially leave us feeling overwhelmed and even more confused about choosing what is right for us and where to begin.
The starting point is building a more authentic relationship, making the commitment to our body, mind and being, it is about embracing the vulnerable parts of us whilst feeling supported and held as you begin your journey of compassionate enquiry.
I offer private, one to one meetings to guide and support you on your path to healing, exploring your intentions and building a relationship with medicines in a safe and held space.

When we feel the call to natural medicines and embark upon this journey of self discovery, we understand that we are every part of the story which has lead us to the person we are today, it is within that story we find the answers to our most authentic self and begin to peel back the unconscious layers and unlock our true potential.
We will discuss and explore the potential for both adaptogenic and psychedelic medicines, their potential for healing, integration and creating a deeper connection with our self and our consciousness.
Natural medicines such as mushrooms in particular help us tune into our inner intelligence and observe our patterns, behaviours and support our emotional clarity.
As we gain more insight to the past events in our lives, we can recognise that some of our life experiences may have left us with unresolved trauma and scars that affect us in our current day to day relationships, mushrooms for the body and mind can help to support our healing process, reconnecting us with our most innate self and helping our physical body to restore vitality.

We set intentions, they are an essential part and practice in your journey, this is something we will explore together in our meeting, it is the first step to showing up for yourself, demonstrating the commitment to both yourself and your medicine path.
We are not setting goals here, there are no expectations or judgement, 
just your commitment to you, giving yourself permission to return to your most authentic self and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are my love and passion, we have had a long and beautiful relationship, they have played a vital role in my personal healing journey and recovery.
I speak a little more about my personal relationship and journey with mushrooms in the My Story, know more section.

I have had the joy of witnessing the life changing and saving properties of mushrooms over the years, I am always so inspired by the healing they bring and have had the blessing of working with them to support many others on their journey to wellness and recovery.
Mushrooms have been used for centuries as sacred medicines in many different religions, cultures for medicinal and ceremonial practices, they are our most advanced wild medicines, it is only now that we are becoming more aware of what they can do to support our health and reverse the damage of modern living and high stress lifestyles.

The  journey of re-wilding our wisdom is about collective awareness and healing, creating deeper, more authentic connections and relationships with ourselves, each other and the world in which we live.
Thank you for making that commitment, stepping onto a new path where we hold ourselves with the compassion and empathy we deserve.
Together we bring love to our darkness so together we can rise in love towards the light.
As my journey and practice with various plant, mushroom and medicine teachers deepens, as do my offerings, 
I offer private healing space for those wishing to take their medicine path to the next level, deepening relationships and unravelling the threads and attachments that limit us from reaching our full potential. 
one to one and small groups in ceremony and ritual.
For more information and booking your one to one meeting, please fill in the contact form or directly email info@daiba.uk requesting a booking and details...
Follow Daisy wild wisdom and/or Daisy Valentine_ on Instagram, send a direct message and I'll get back to you with all you need to know to begin your journey.

I hold the private meetings both in person and online for those who are not local.
Love and Blessings