The Magic of Healing with Kambo
Viva Kambo!

I am honoured to be carrying this truly enchanting gift from nature, not only has Kambo been a catalyst to my personal healing path, I witness this sacred medicine creating great change and healing for others too.
Working with this beautiful medicine both receiving and offering is a path I was called to walk some years ago, committing my time, heart and journey to becoming a practitioner so that I am able to hold and guide others through their healing with Kambo.

I am privileged to have received and undergone extensive training with Lisa Silva the founder of Kambo Tree and Kambo Nadi, mastering these advanced and specialised protocols to deliver Kambo medicine as a safe, conscious and compassionate practice.
Offering an exceptional healing approach that combines the ancient wisdom of Kambo with a cutting edge understanding of your body’s energetic pathways.

Introducing the transformative Kambo, Nadi protocol, your path to healing.

Before treatment you will receive a thorough medical and emotional screening to ensure Kambo, Kambo Nadi is right for you, prioritising your safety and well being above all else.
Your treatment will be designed specifically for you, helping you to access deeper emotional, physical and energetic release, a truly transformative and beautiful healing modality. 

What is Kambo ?

Kambo is a sacred and deeply healing indigenous medicine, it is the secretion of the Giant Green Tree Monkey Frog, the Phyllomedusa Bicolor, that we gratefully collect and serve in ceremony, this vibrant frog lives high in the trees of South America's jungles.

This beautiful and intelligent medicine moves through our body on a cellular, energetic, emotional and spiritual level, resetting neural pathways, releasing trapped emotions, trauma and clearing any energy blockages we are holding onto in our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.
The frogs secretion contains a cocktail of powerful bioactive peptides that benefit our human body in miraculous ways, the neuropeptides and alkaloids, travel around the body and lymphatic system, cleaning out previously stored toxins from the cells.
A medicine for mind, body and soul.

Traditional use,

Indigenous tribes have been using Kambo medicine for many years and for many reasons, known as the vaccine of the forest, tribes traditionally use Kambo to fight disease and illness, as a remedy for snake and other venomous bites, to heal fevers and to increase fertility.

Kambo, also known as Sapo in Spanish or Kampu by the native tribesman collect their medicine by singing the frogs down from the tree canopies on a moon lit evening in traditional, joyful ceremony.
I receive my Kambo directly from a beautiful tribe who honour and celebrate their beloved medicine frogs, gently removing the secretion in an ethical and kind practice before releasing them back into the wild canopies of the jungle.

Kambo is also traditionally used before a hunt and ceremonially as a right of passage for both men and women of the tribe, given before a hunt to the tribesmen it is said to sharpen the senses and increase prowess. 
Spiritually kambo is used to remove ‘panema’, the tribes define this as dark, heavy or negative energies that manifest as sickness, bad luck, depression, laziness and a distracted mind. 
By unblocking and removing ‘panema’, a person is free to live a lighter life with more balance, an abundant life full of good fortune and vitality. 

Modern Medicine for the West

In the Western world more and more people are deciding to work with this amazing medicine. 
Kambo is beginning to be recognised for the many life benefits it brings in all aspects of health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
As the Western world embraces a new era, shifting the perspective of what healing truly is and opens minds to intelligent sources of medicine, we embrace a more holistic view and are ready to step into an evolved relationship with healing and health.
Outside of the Amazon, Kambo has been the subject of decades of research, studies show us that the secretion (Kambo) from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor Frog could open up a new world of treatments, s
cience is only just beginning to reveal the true potential of Kambo and its powers.
To list a few of the benefits,
Supporting and Relieving...

Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety,
Digestive disorders,
Heavy metal poisoning and mold,
Lyme’s Disease and co-infections,
Herpes and Epstein Barr Virus,
Virus and Flu,
Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Endocrine disorders,
Select Cancers,
Thyroid Dis-ease,
Detox of Body, Mind, Emotional Being, 
Improved Immune Health,

Balanced Wellbeing,
Improved Spiritual Health,
Clearing of Negative Energies,
Release of Stored Trauma,
Support with Addictions,
Pain Relief,
Anti Inflammatory,
Clearing of Parasites,
Energy Balancing,
Heart Opening,
Clarity of the Mind,
Stillness in the Body,
Grounding and Embodiment.

Kambo Nadi

Kambo medicine is intentionally applied to sacred geometry that is personally designed to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, re-balancing your body’s energy through the Nadi channels, allowing you to release and let go of all that is no-longer serving you and your body.

The Nadi’s are the vital channels that carry your life force energy, 'Prana' Kambo Nadi treatments focus on deeply on the body’s energetic health and flow, helping to unblock stagnant energy and trauma stored in the body.
Powerful, specialist protocols such as Kambo Nadi can balance, clear and open these vital energetic pathways with transformative, life-changing and long-lasting results.

Kambo Nadi allows you the opportunity and time to release deeply stored trauma, chronic conditions/illness, toxins and intricate wellness concerns using the intelligence of this sacred medicine and the magic of your body combined.
Taking you deeper into your healing journey with Nadi Kambo, a holistic healing treatment that empowers you to rediscover your true essence and inner peace.

The Nadi System

Ancient pathways to vitality and life balance- Ida, Pingala, and Sushuma, carriers of our life force energy, prana.

Ida, The Lunar Nadi line, flowing upwards along the left side of the spine, it is the cooling, calming energies, reminicent of the moons soothing presence, mirroring the parasympathetic nervous system.
Ida embodies the feminine energy channel, it governs our emotional, intuitive and creative aspects, when in healthy, balanced flow the Ida supports rest and inner exploration.
When activated, Ida stimulates our energy flow to open pathways for emotional expression and deeper connections.
Pingala, The Sola Nadi line, flowing downwards along the right side of the spine, it is the active, dynamic energy reminiscent of the Suns vitality and mirrors the sympathetic nervous system.
Pingala embodies the masculine energy channel, promoting strength, vitality, ambition and our inner motivation, when in healthy balance and flow, the pingala energises the body and supports conscious action in our daily life.

The central pathway to awakening
referred to as the central Nadi, sushumna is the energetic pathway that runs parallel to the spine, intersecting the ida and pingala pathways at each chakra center from root to crown.
The channel for self realisation, healing and awakening, it is the conduit for the rising of kundalini energy, leading to higher states of consciousness and self discovery,
Serving as the central channel for the flow of prana energy, harmoning the Ida and Pingala energies, bringing equilibrium to the feminine and masculine within.
Activation of the Sushamna brings deep mediative healing, clarity and the feelings of oneness.

Is Kambo Safe 

Kambo has been used by the people of the forest for hundreds of years, it is known that some have met Kambo more than a hundred times in a lifetime! however, we here in the west do not have the same relationship as the tribes people and must do our research before choosing to work with such a powerful medicine.
Outside of the forests and tribes Kambo is becoming increasingly popular and it is important that whoever you choose to serve medicine and hold space for you is highly trained and an experienced practitioner.