Summer Solstice Ritual

Summer Solstice
Honouring The Light Within

Thank You Grandfather Sun,
Summer Solstice is nearly upon us, it is on this day we celebrate our Sun reaching the highest point in the sky and our longest day of the year, allowing us to enjoy long days filled with the joys of summer, blissful evenings to share with friends and the colours of captivating sunsets.

It is a day of ritual, celebration and ceremony to honour the Spirit of our Sun for the his warmth and Mother Earth for nourishing us with her abundance of life and medicine, restoring vitality and illuminating our light within.
We are of this Earth and very much in sync with the cycle of our Sun, Moon and seasons, they are a reflection of the cycle within our own lives, the flow of energy expanding and contracting as we navigate our emotions and how we relate to the world around us.

In honouring the seasons and solstice, we are in turn honouring and celebrating the sacred space that resides within us all.
On this blessed day people gather all over the world as our ancestors did before us, coming together in ritual and ceremony, sharing stories, bringing magical offerings of prayer, song and magical gifts to give thanks and bare witness to the setting and rising of the Solstice Sun.

Ancient wonders such as Stonehenge here in the UK stand in honour of the Suns first light, built by those who stood before us for the purpose of sacred ritual and celebration.
The Sun rises illuminating each of the megalithic stones which is truly mesmerising and through honouring this day of light we energetically awaken our inner conscious, embodying and harnessing the power of the Sun that reflects the light within us.

Here are some beautiful ways that you can create ritual on this sacred day and harness the power of Grandfather Sun, lighting the way for others.

East, South, West and the North.

    They represent the seasons and divine cycle of Earth's Equinoxes and Solstices.
    Give gratitude, make offerings and ask them for their love and guidance.
    Create an alter for your offerings, think flowers, crystals, incense and any precious objects that wish to create a beautiful space of sacred of intention.

    Begin by lightning candles in honour of each direction, take a breath, centre you being and come into your heart space...


    Represents the Spring and new beginnings, turn to the east and reflect on the seeds you have planted for this year and the potential of what is to come.


    The direction of Summer, joy, rest and stepping into your true purpose and direction, reflect on the bigger meaning of your life and where you should give your energy and your attention.


    The direction of Autumn where the Sun sets low in our sky, we gather food and prepare to go within, detox and surrender.
    Ask for the wisdom of knowing when to let go of what no longer serves you and when to dig deep hold on.


    Representing the Winter, wisdom and protection, a time to go to the depths of our inner shadows, ask for the wisdom needed for your journey.
    Tune into the energy of your ancestors for support and guidance on your path.


    The Summer solstice is an energetically charged day, this is a great time to embody all that energy to set your intentions.

    I am open to receiving nourishment and growth,
    I am open to Love,
    I trust the process and am ready to grow to my full potential.

    Hold these intentions close to your heart and remind yourself of them all summer long.


    Offering your gratitude is a daily must, tuning into your heart energy and expressing what it is you are grateful for is a great way to be in alignment with love, especially on a Solstice day!

    Write notes of gratitude, what is it that you are grateful for, who in your life are you grateful for and what do you wish to manifest and come your way.
    To manifest our intentions and wishes, we must first feel the gratitude and love for what it is we're asking, opening our hearts with gratitude and telling the universe that we trust our inner knowing, calling in the energy we desire.


    This is a time for union, celebration and joy.
    When we gather in love and with intention, our feet on the earth and our hearts open, we are connected to all that is and has been.
    Togetherness, gratitude and ritual is the language of our natural world and our innate being, bringing us back in alignment with Earth's rhythm and the magic that is within us all.

    You are the medicine and together we walk each other home.
    Happy Solstice my Loves.