Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mushrooms

Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Mushrooms and Traditional Chinese Medicine have a long relationship and history of use, dating all the way back to 29th century BC!

Mushrooms were then and still today highly valued for their incredible ability to cure, restore and maintain health and wellness.
There mystical powers were treasured by Buddhist monks, Priests and Emperors. As well as being highly valued by elites of society, mushrooms were also prized by many cultures, tribes and .medicine communities all over the globe.

Chaga for example, known as "The Diamond Of The Woods" is mushroom is traditionally foraged and used across Russia and Eastern Europe with a long history shrouded in mystery!
It is known that Otzi the Iceman - A well-preserved mummy who supposedly lived around 3400 BC was found with Chaga still on his person, upon his discovery he was found to be carrying Chaga in his medicine pouch!
The oldest reference we have of mushrooms being used as medicines is a list of 365 medicinal substances that was written by Shennong Bencao Jing in the 29th century BC.

Guess what mushroom he makes reference to...?
It's an all time favourite of mine for all the right reasons and it's reputation for  healing use in Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back centuries
Ganoderma Lucidum
You may be more familiar and recognise this beautiful mushroom as Reishi -
The "immortal mushroom".

Reishi is a very special mushroom and was one of the first to be recorded for its vast therapeutic and medicinal properties and for more than 10,000 years Reishi has been the go-to medicine for diseases, allergies, and an extensive range of ailments.
Recorded uses primarily and extensively in Traditional Eastern medicines, Reishi has now found itself becoming more popular in the west for supporting our well-being, restoring balance and promoting calm in the body and mind.

While the use of mushrooms as medicines are slowly making their way to the spotlight here in the western hemisphere, it is known amongst health gurus and doctors alike that mushrooms have been present in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for about 3,000-7,000 years.
As we begin to catch up and understand the benefits of what our natural world has to offer and gain a clearer understanding of our complex needs we begin to move towards a more sustainable, balanced sense of well-being.

Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Incorporating nature’s wisdom into your daily ritual, encourages healing, reinforces protection, and cultivates the intelligence you already hold within yourself.
As the name suggests, adaptogenic mushrooms are an organic and safe way to strengthen your mind and body to adapt to stress.