What Are Adaptogenic Plants and Mushrooms ?


Adaptogenic mushrooms belong to a group of foods, plants and herbs that have the ability to protect and heal us from the damaging effects of stress and illness. They support our overall heath and wellbeing by reducing unwanted stresses within our body, bringing us back into balance -
"THRIVING" rather than simply "SURVIVING".
They are Earth's most intelligent healers!

Mushrooms teach our body and minds to quite literally "ADAPT" to our current physical and emotional needs whilst working with our body, supporting our cellular, nervous and internal system to repair, rejuvenate and re-build.

They are our most advanced medicines, they have the ability to rewind the damage caused by chronic states of ill health and disease, create new connections with our bodies and bring us back into balance.
Mushrooms are a safe and non-toxic way to support you and your lifestyle, add to your daily routine and ritual, invest in you by adding mushrooms to your life!
Reduce stress in your body, improve brain function and restore balance back to your life.