What Are Mushrooms ?

What Are Mushrooms ?

Mushrooms are extremely intelligent organisms,

they are the most diverse species in existence and they grow all over our planet,

They are so immense that in actual fact they are their own kingdom all together, mushrooms differ from plants and animals as they are pretty self sufficient in the way they obtain their nutrients.

Plants make their food using the sun's energy, while animals eat, internally digesting their food for energy. Mushrooms do neither!
Their mycelium network grows into, onto or around their chosen food source, secreting enzymes that digest the food externally and the mycelium then absorbs those digested nutrients. 

They are somewhere between a plant and an animal, to reproduce, mushrooms create millions of microscopic spores, these spores form in the gills or pores underneath the mushroom's cap.

When the time is right these spores are released and blow away into the wind, or are spread by insects and animals, clever!
  If the spores make it to a suitable landing spot such as wood or soil the spores will germinate and build a network of microscopic rooting threads, we call this 

There are between 2.2m and 3.8m species of fungi currently thriving on Earth, that's 10 times the estimated number of plant species alone!
Mushrooms are essential to life on our planet, they play an extremely important role in energy cycling within and between all living ecosystems, including ours!
Mushrooms existed long before any other plants or animals and have spent billions of years learning how to adapt to environmental threats and changes, about 1,300 million years to be exact!

They are the wisdom of a billion years,
They are creation,

They are resurrection, condemnation and regeneration.
They are the Earth's providers,

Here to heal you,
Here to feed you,