What Is Mycelium ?

 What Is Mycelium ?

The word mycelium literally means

Firstly, mushrooms and mycelium are not the same thing...
Mushrooms are the fruit of the mycelium, much like the apple is the fruit of the apple tree.

Mycelium is the root system of the mushroom underground, it is the dense mass of fine, thread-like filaments of tissue called hyphae, these hyphae reproduce and reconnect forming an intricate web, this is known as mycelium.

Mycelium transports carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as other vital nutrients to surrounding plant life and trees, it is an extensive underground delivery network that connects our natural living world!
Around 90% of all plants, trees, bushes and greenery are in relationships with fungi and its incredible mycelium network.
Our natural world is constantly communicating and working together and thriving as a community.

It is the underground nutrient network that assists and connects all the surrounding life of our beautiful natural world.
That tree in your garden is probably hooked up to a bush several metres away getting all the nutrients and defence support it needs thanks to mycelia and its vast and intelligent web!

Mr Paul Stamets a world-renowned expert in mycology, author and medical researcher refers to mycelium as...

"Earth's natural internet"

Mycelium infuses all landscapes, it holds soils together, it's extremely tenacious.
They're the grand molecular disassemblers of nature.
They are the soil magicians."

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