CHAGA - Inonotus obliquus
CHAGA - Inonotus obliquus
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CHAGA - Inonotus obliquus

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PREVENT Disease and illness
BOOST Immune and defence cells
ANTIOXIDISE Nutrient-dense superfood

May contribute to -

Nutrient-dense powerhouse
source of superoxide dismutase, (SOD).
Improves digestive health
Reduces Psoriasis symptoms
DNA and cell health protection
Protection against free radicals
Disease prevention + protecting + fighting
Boosts NK (natural killer) cell growth
Slows the ageing process
Lowers cholesterol
Lowers blood pressure
Enhances the immune system
Supports cell + organ health
Boosts blood profile
Reduces side effects of pharmaceutical medications.

CHAGA is the most powerful nutrient-dense superfood available to us from the natural world!
Chaga is particularly special because it is found wild on Birch trees absorbing the tree's natural nutrients as it grows, Birch is also known for its therapeutic and medicinal properties and is used widely in natural wellness.

Chaga is rich in wild-sourced essential minerals and is particularly high in copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, and iron.
Yet, its most potent ingredient is a special substance known as superoxide dismutase, (SOD).
Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme found in all living cells, it is the enzyme that helps to break down harmful, unwanted molecules that can cause damage at a cellular level, to put it simply - it is our cell's defence.

Chaga's nutrients feed our cells which in turn supports our entire being by combatting any internal stresses within our body and making sure our internal system has all the nutrients it needs.
This is what makes chaga the "Super Food" mushroom, its nutrient-dense, antioxidising properties help to protect our body and fight against common and destructive diseases, viruses and toxins, whilst causing NO TOXIC side effects.

Be mindful that Chaga is a use in moderation supplement, it is a fantastic mushroom to boost your mineral health but overuse will cause the liver and kidneys excess work, so I recommend to cycle your relationship with chaga between the use of others for health and balance. 

Chaga is also known as "The Diamond Of The Woods" this mushroom is traditionally used across Russia and Eastern Europe with a long history shrouded in mystery.
It is known that Otzi the Iceman - a well-preserved mummy who supposedly lived around 3400 BC actually carried Chaga in his pouch for medicinal use if it kept him going!....

1 tsp (1 serving) once to twice a day - (2 grams per serving)
Earthy and smooth, our extracts dissolve quickly and taste great in coffee, tea soups, or your favourite smoothie and foods.

Beta Glucans -30% 
Dual extraction

100% Mushroom extract
Gluten and Vegan kind
No fillers
No additives
Only mushrooms here!

Why not add some extra goodness to your everyday life recipes!
Give your beverages and kitchen delights a boost by getting creative with your mushroom extracts, use them in bakes, raw dishes, sauces, or just an added sprinkle of feel-good on top!

Adding mushrooms to your day, your way...
Create an awesome mushroom enhanced bake, dish, or treat recipe?
Love it,
Share it with us and the world!
Help spread the mushroom goodness, together we can make every day a feel-good day!

Our pouches and labels are compostable, throw me on the heap!
If you aren't composting, just do your bit for our planet and recycle me, we love to keep it Earth Kind here :)

Store pouches out of children’s reach.
Don’t exceed the recommended daily dose.
Always check the seal before using, if the seal is broken, don’t consume.
Mushroom extracts should be part of a balanced diet, not to be used as a substitute for one.
Pregnant or breastfeeding?
Talk to your healthcare practitioner before using.

I am here to guide you through the process of getting to know some of nature's most intelligent and powerful healers.
All of us and our bodies have the intelligence and ability to heal, you just need the right ingredients.