Ritual Tea - Sleep Well and Relax
Ritual Tea - Sleep Well and Relax
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Ritual Tea - Sleep Well and Relax

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Sleep Well & Relax Tea 
Organic Loose Leaf Blend to relax and bring you into a restful state of being.


Sleep Well & Relax Tea

A delicious combination of Mother Nature's most calming and soothing herbs to bring you into rest and inner stillness, breathe in the warming, woody caramel aroma and allow yourself to drift off into blissful rest.
Enjoy the delicious, soothing flavours of this calming and relaxing herbal infusion, a loose-leaf blend to help you unwind and slip into a blissful evening after your day.

This blend of Mother Nature’s healing and calming plants will aid digestion, reduce inflammation, create balance and relieve a tired, aching body, we all deserve a moment to give ourselves some unconditional love.

Take a moment for You, be present and put on a brew.
Inhale - Hold - Exhale - Take a Sip

This blend contains the famous Rooibos plant, well known for it’s powerful medicinal properties to calm a busy mind and soothe your tiered body.

To list a few more ...

Calming, soothing 
High in antioxidants
Digestive support
Bone health 
Heart health
Mind health

Healing and restoring your body and mind while you rest and restore.


We seriously love plants and what they can do to support our health and well-being, using carefully selected combinations of flowers and leaves to help us detox and nourish our bodies. 
Plants have been our go-to source for medicines and well-being for centuries, used and loved by our ancestors.
In today's world of fast-paced living and convenience everything we often forget that occasionally we need to take a moment for ourselves to indulge our senses and stop, pop the kettle on and pour ourselves a cup of "feel good" tea.


35g – Sleep Well & Relax
Rooibos, Anise, Balm Mint, Blackberry leaves, Liquorice root, Hops, Safflower petals.


Remember this tea is all about you, so take a moment, put your phone on silent and relax.
1 Tea-spoon of your blend,
Let your brew steep for 5-7 mins,
Create an evening ritual of calm, put on something cosy, taking a deep breath, release and let go of your day and let your worries drift away.

Tea Tip - Refill your mug, plants love to keep giving!